Superior Street Partners


Investors and partners to small and medium sized businesses

While we are generalist in nature, some of the industries that are of interest include:

  • Aerospace
  • Business Services (including short to medium run printing)
  • Construction (retrofit)
  • Consumer Products
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Food
  • Green Roof and Other Related Green Technologies
  • Manufacturing 
  • Nursery Operations (with specialty offering)
  • Packaging
  • Select Restaurant Franchisors/Franchisees

Current Investments:

Riverbend Nursery, LLC.   Control investment through the investment of equity and subordinated debt in July, 2014.  The company manufactures and distributes quality perennial plants, ground cover, and herbs primarily to the independent garden center and landscape contractor segments.  The company also has a green roof division, Riverbend Greenroofs, which produces and markets a modular green roof product in the Mid-Atlantic region under the LiveRoof name, while also providing green roof maintenance services.    The green roof product has energy saving characteristics and is an important element in the management of storm water runoff for new and retrofit building projects.  Superior Street Partners manages Riverbend Nursery Holdings, LLC, formed to hold the investor group investment (and 100% owner of Riverbend Nursery, LLC). 


Exited Investments:

Carlith Printing, LLC.  Subordinated debt investment with warrants (minority investment) as part of the acquistion of the company by a third party equity group in June, 2011. Company focuses on medium run, high quality, lithographic sheet fed printing.   Superior Street Partners completely exited the investment in 2017.